Drama, as Septuagenarian Relocates to Osogbo IBEDC Office to Get Meter

There was a drama at the Osogbo Headquarters of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC), on Wednesday, as an elderly woman literally relocated to the company customers’ care office to get prepaid meter.

The elderly woman presumably in her 70 moved to the IBEDC office with items like potty, food, kerosene, pots and lantern, as she insisted on staying with the IBEDC staffers until she gets her meter.

An eye witness said, all efforts to convince the old woman to return home failed.

He said, the woman rather insisted that she would prefer to stay in the IBEDC office, or provided with a meter.

According to the eyewitness, the woman claimed that she had paid for the meter for a along time, but has not been provided with any.

The scene created by the woman, the witness stressed informed the management to get across to the IBEDC headquarters in Ibadan where a directive was give that the woman should be provided with a meter.

He said the woman was subsequently taken back to her house at Atelewo area and had her meter installed immediately.

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