Osun Teachers Recruitment: Why Govt Charged Applicants N3,000

Government of Osun has explained that none of the N3,000 application charges per applicant for the ongoing recruitment of teachers in the state is going to the state government’s purse.

It said the charged fee was meant to settle external supervisors and Bank officials who generated the qualifier exermination code for the applicants.

The clarification was in reaction to the controversies generated on the social media by the N3,000 charges, as the fee was described as exorbitant.

Commissioner for Education, Hon Folorunso Bamisayemi, in a statement said, to say that the government should fund the recruitment process might not be feasible considering the financial situation of the state.

It reads: “I will not be the commissioner for education that will put the future of Osun in the hands of incompetent and quack teachers. If we must get the brightest and best, we must do screening test (CBT) which Jamb has agreed to conduct for us like we did in 2013. This does not come cheap.

“In the 2013 recruitment, the form was sold for N2500 and a substantial percentage went to jamb on per candidate basis to conduct the screening test.

“Now, we have introduced an interview after the exam to also establish that those successful at the screening exam are articulate and can actually communicate their knowledge across to learners. This also has a substantial cost component.

“Then, the bank charges for selling the pin number on behalf of the Ministry because the money will be paid directly to the bank officials in the premises of the Ministry. Another cost component is the charges by our ICT consultants.

“I assure you that not a dime out of the N3,000 is going into the State purse as IGR . If the wailers want a recruitment that will further destroy our education, then count me out. In any case most of those shouting are the ones that are afraid of the screening test.

“To suggest that we should allow everyone to register free is to say the government should fund the recruitment process which considering the State’s financial distress may not be feasible.

“It took a lot of pressure and persistent request before the exco approved this fresh recruitment for us, but if people don’t want it I may consider stopping it and managing the remaining few teachers in the system.

“I appreciate your concern and we clearly feel the harrowing experience of the unemployed in Nigeria but we cannot sacrifice the future of our young ones on the altar of empathy”, Bamisayemi stressed.

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