Oyetola’s Wife Charges Parents, Teachers on Child Care

Wife of the Governor of Osun, Mrs Kafayat Oyetola has urged parents and teachers to always make the issue of care and training of children topmost priority.

This is just as she cautioned children to shun every form of criminal activity and harmful behavior that could jeopardise their future.

She gave the advise at the 2019 end of the year children’s party held at the Government House, Osogbo, where she celebrated with kids on Wednesday.

According to her, parents must ensured that their wards are properly trained to grow up to be great leaders in all aspects of societal development.

She said: “We should train them to be leaders of positive development and changes that will propel the greatness of our race.

“We have all the necessary resources, which God has thankfully given us to make us great again. All we need right now is the mindset to go back to the path of greatness. Let us start from our state. We are noble people, known for our creativity and sound values. I plead with our parents to let us rekindle this.

“I also urge our children to be dedicated and committed to their education in order to make this desire a reality. Shun every form of criminal activity and harmful behavior”, she stressed.

Besides, the wife of the governor re-emphasised her campaigns on exclusive breastfeeding of newborns and stopping of open defecation, saying these are twin issues which importance to greatness cannot be underplayed.

Mrs Oyetola urged parents to let these messages resonate in their homes by breast feeding newborns exclusively for six months to guarantee good living and save children from various diseases and problems.

The same, according to her goes for stopping open defecation, saying, “This is a behavior that constitutes major risks to us and our children, access to sanitation is a human right issue, which advocacy we intend to increase in the coming year.

“We want every household, every public place to have decent and safe toilets across our state. This is a task on which we shall enlist all stakeholders. The benefits are just too numerous if we stop open defecation and use toilet”, she added.

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