Re: Osun and Aregbesola Palliatives: Fasure’s Melancholic Response


Towards the tail end of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola’s second term, Sola Fasure served as his Special Adviser on Media. I will not go into the details of the shenanigans that threw Fasure up. All those who served in that government know better. But that is not the focus of this piece.

Fasure, I understand, is also an appointee of the present administration. If this is true, it therefore, follows that he should be one of those propagating the ideal and good works of this administration. I have not seen much of that though; this is why I took more than a passing attention to his comments yesterday on the above topic.

For the avoidance of doubt, here are his comments: “This is the most unserious and patently malicious opinion ever written about Aregbesola and I wonder why anyone will deem it fit for publishing and sharing.

“First, it was Alhaja Sherifat Aregbesola’s NGO, SCARF, that distributed palliative in Lagos, Kwara and Osun.

“Secondly, plans were already in top gear, including payment and logistics for distribution were already made before the appointment was announced.

“The writer’s sinister motive is to try and take the shine off two sterling events that put Aregbesola’s name in gold.

“1. The good news that Osun benefits from FG’s largess because of Aregbesola’s superlative performance.

“2. Another good news that Osun has been adjudged the 3rd richest state in Nigeria, again, on the back of Aregbesola’s performance when he was governor.”

To start with, if one is to believe Fasure’s account on the score that Aregbesola’s wife and not the former governor was sharing the palliatives, then it means Wale Alabi and his ilk touting Aregbesola lied to us when they claimed that Aregbesola’s palliatives “landed in Osun” , considering that they had about a week ago or so told us about Mrs. Aregbesola’s palliatives sharing in the state.

Two, that the plans for the Palliatives were on before Aregbesola’s appointment into the 21-man State Relief Committee should have made it easier for the former governor to donate with ease to the committee. Assuming, but without conceding, that Fasure is saying the truth, that the committee was constituted over a month ago, yet the palliatives for which the logistics were ready before the constitution of the committee, just came into the State yesterday. Boda Fasure, Osun people are wiser now. The lies of the past cannot hoodwink anyone today o. Eya ra yin ni brain (Borrow yourself some sense please.)

Which shine are they taking off Aregbesola? This is where I concluded your response is melancholic in nature. How can a business that is indebted to the tune of say N20 billion and which is struggling to pick its bills be adjudged to be rich and healthy simply because it got a benefit of say N1 billion for being diligent in what it does?

A business many had condemned will not be able to meet its daily needs but is able to do so owing largely to a change of guard with a prudent mindset, should be commended even if we will not villify its former Head, who almost ran the business aground.

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